Zhermack Occlufast Rock


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  • Zhermack Occlufast Rock Bite Registration Material is a specific vinylpolysiloxane Addition-Silicones for bite registration.
  • Its consistency is imperceptible to the patient, has a high hardness that allows an easy milling and avoids compressions and incorrect repositioning.
  • It is easy to place and very precise, and is particularly indicated for bite registrations of maximum intercuspation, intermaxillary centric, protrusion or lateral registration keys.
  • It also provide a valid solution for gnathologic evaluations and for the diagnosis of skull-cervico-mandibular disorders and for the centric occlusion in orthodontics.
More Information
  • Delivery System : Dispenser 1:1.
  • Working Time (Mins.) : 0.30.
  • Time in Mouth (Mins) : 0.041666667.
  • Scent  : No Scent.
  • Detail Reproduction : 20.
  • Lenior Dimensional Change (after 24 hrs): 0.05 %.
  • Hardness : 95 shore A.
  • Device preparation: Assemble the device as shown in the drawings.
  • Warning: Before assembling the tip, ensure that the two components (base and catalyst) flow out evenly by applying a light pressure on the dispenser lever and extruding a small amount of material, which must be removed.
  • Subsequently, insert the mixing tip and, if required, the intraoral tip in the cartridge.
  • Apply Occlufast Rock according to the desired (occlusal or buccal) technique.
  • If the occlusal technique is used, after extruding the material directly on the teeth, ask the patient to bite.
  • Occlufast Rock is thixotropic; it does not drip, therefore facilitates control.
  • Imperceptible consistency.
  • Minimum permanence in the oral cavity.
  • Bite registrations with all techniques.
  • Intermaxillary centric, protrusion or lateral registration keys.
  • Registration keys for gnathological evaluations.
  • Registrations for diagnostic evaluations of craniomandibular disorders.
  • Orthodontic bite registrations.
  • Imperceptible to the patient who closes in a natural way.
  • Easy handling and bubble-free thanks to the cartridge mixing.
  • Accurate and stable impressions.
  • Positioning control.
  • Flowable to avoid pressure and slipping during positioning.
  • High dimensional stability.
  • Does not need to be heated for use like wax (greater comfort for the patient).
  • 2 x 50 ml Cartridges.
  • 12 x Mixing tips.