Woodpecker DTE DPEX V Apex Locator

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Woodpecker DTE DPEX V Apex Locator

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4.5 / 5
  • DTE Woodpecker apex locator 6th generation for accurate working length determination irrespective of the tooth type and multi-frequency impedance technology. The use of this highly efficient by the dentist can add on various advantages.


  • In patients with pacemakers or other implanted electrical device
  • Patients with metal allergy

Woodpecker Apex Locator 5 Usage Instructions

Connect the main unit with the measuring wire. One end of the wire connects the file clip and the other ends connect the hook. Hang the hook in the patient’s mouth and attach the file in the file clip to complete the circuit as the measurement depends on the electrical resistance. Switch on the device and set the measuring distance (0.0 to 0.5). Then insert the file with the file clip inside the canal. The more the file approaches the apex, the sound will change and the colour will differ in the display.

More Information
  • 6th generation apex locator.
  • No deviation in the presence of residual pulp, saliva or weeping canals.
  • Simple Compact Device.
  • 97.71% accurate than the conventional radiography method. It locates the apical constriction in a 3D structure than the 2D image & also the error in the handling method can easily be omitted.
  • 6th generation Woodpecker Apex Locator 5 can measure the accurate working length in presence of blood, pus, residual pulp or saliva etc.
  • Multi-frequency impedance technology can be able to measure precisely irrespective of the tooth type.
  • File clip, hook, file probe can be easily Autoclavable to avoid cross-contamination.
  • More stable & stronger anti-interference ability with the newly upgraded algorithm.
  • Clear LCD multicolour display for improved visibility & easy recognition of the file inside the canal through sound.
1 Year of Warranty