Woodpecker D-7 Led Scaler

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  • Designed by using cutting edge technologies, this scaler can be considered as an indispensable equipment for teeth disease prevention and treatment.
  • Furthermore, this D7 LED Scaler has scaling, perio, endo and auto water supply functions along with various other features. You can go for it to have a better experience.
More Information
Model Name/Number Woodpecker D-7 Led Scaler
Power 220-240V ; 50-60Hz
Output Power 3W to 20W
Frequency 28kHz±3kHz
Operating Mode Continuous operation
Usage Clinical
Main unit input 24V
Output primary tip vibration excursion less than 100um
Output half excursion force less than 2N
Weight of main unit 1.17Kg
Scaler Type LED
Minimum Order Quantity 1 Unit
1 Unit

I Period Validity: One Year's Free Repair for the whole unit (except for the easily-consumed parts)from the date of purchase.Lifetime maintenance.

II Range of warranty: Within the warranty period of validity,we are Responsible for any troubles caused by quality problems or products technique and structure.

III The following are beyond our warranty:

1. The Damage Caused by disobeying the operation instruction or lack of the needed condition.

2. The Damage Caused by unsuitable operation or disassembly without authorization.

3. The Damage Caused by unadvisable Transportation or Preservation.

4. There isn't the seal of distributor or the warranty card isn't filled in completed.