Voco Easy Glaze

Voco Easy Glaze

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Easy Glaze

  • Nano-filled, light-curing protective coating for surface sealing
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Brand VOCO
Easy to use
Glossy and aesthetic surfaces
Protection against discolouration
Protection of GIC surfaces against moisture

Glossy and aesthetic surfaces
Easy to use
Provides protection against discolouration
In combination with VOCO Ionofil Molar AC / Quick
Protects against moisture and dehydration immediately after filling placement Tooth-like fluorescence
Natural gloss
Surface sealing of glass ionomer cements, provisional crowns and bridges and definitive composite restorations
Protecting glass ionomer cement surfaces against the effects of moisture and dehydration immediately after placement
Sealing glass ionomer cement liners/build-up restorations before taking impressions
Sealing and protecting adhesive interfaces between restoration and tooth structure
Bottle - 5 ml, accessories