Voco Calcimol LC

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  • Voco Calcimol LC is a light cured, resin modified pulp capping material and cavity liner containing calcium hydroxide. It is a radiopaque, one component material. The calcium ion released by this material promotes the formation of tertiary dentin and hydroxyapatite.
  • Calcimol LC has a high pH of 10-12 which supports healing of the tissue and also has an antimicrobial effect. This material can be used as a liner under all restorations. It also finds its application as an indirect pulp capping material and as a protective layer while employing the total-etch technique. It has been made radiopaque for easy radiographic identification.
  • Voco Calcimol LC has high compressive strength and can act as a solid foundation. The presentation of this material in the NDT (Non-Dripping Technology) Syringe, enhances the ease of use and ensures a higher command over the flowability of the material.

Non-Dripping Technology

  • Flowable composites being compressible in the liquid phase, are compressed when the plunger of the syringe is pressed. This happens even before the material is pressed out of the cannula due to the increase in pressure.
  • Subsequently, the release of pressure from the plunger causes the material to expand, resulting in running of a small amount material. This is crucial as the excess material can interfere with the procedure.
  • The NDT syringe from Voco prevents running of the material from the syringe. This happens by the use of a silicone seal that pulls the plunger back by a short distance once the pressure is removed. Moreover, this specially designed syringe prevents backflow of the contaminated material back into the syringe.
  • The plunger must not be manually withdrawn as it might result in entrapment of air bubbles inside the syringe, which may hinder the mechanism of the NDT syringe.
  • Warning Calcimol LC containing methacrylates, butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT) and amines is contraindicated in patients having allergies to any of the mentioned components.
More Information
Brand VOCO
Light Cure Calcium Hydroxide 2 x 2.5g Syringes Acid-resistant Effective protection of the pulp
Directions for use
* Ensure that the tooth surface is perfectly dry before application.
The plunger should not be retracted for the non-dripping syringe to function.
Dispense required amount of material.
* Linings more than 1mm must be built up in layers and each layer must be light cure using blue light for 20 seconds.
* When a higher level of adhesion is necessitated, a suitable adhesive material can be used.
* Excess material must not be removed using a probe, rather using a rotating instrument.
Precautionary measures
* Calcimol LC should not be used in restoration margins.
* Calcimol LC adheres to methacrylate based products, temporary sealing materials and certain impression materials (eg. Polyether). Therefore, use of a separating medium is recommended in such cases.
* Must not be exposed to direct light (operating light or sunlight)
It has caustic effect on the eyes and mucosa and hence should not be allowed to come in contact with the eyes.
* The use of Calcimol LC should be avoided in combination with phenolic substances such as zinc oxide eugenol.
Direct application and light-curing saves chair time
Ready to use
Formation of tertiary dentin
Resistance to acids
Antimicrobial effect due to high pH
Radiopaque for radiographic identification
The NDT syringe aids in precise application
Indirect pulp capping
Lining under all filling materials
Protection when applying the total-etch technique
Syringes 2 x 2,5 g, Application cannulae type 41