Sirona Fona CDR Elite Sensor 0 Size


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Intra oral sensor is incorporated with appreciable features that will certainly helps you to run your practice in smooth way like the easy-to-change cable, which you can replace yourself at your practice, ensures an especially long product life and thus is a very economical solution for modern intraoral x-rays.Additionally, it can also be equipped with an optional WiFi module that facilitates an exceptional workflow with wireless image transfer, supplying you with the mobility and freedom you need to diagnose your patients everywhere in your practice, without the boundaries of a cable solution.

More Information
Model Name/Number CDR_ELITE
Pixel Size 15 μm
Resolution 16 Lp/mm
Dimension 23.5 x 32 x 6.3 mm
Cable 2.7 m
Active Surface 18 x 24 mm
Detector CMOS Sensor + Fiber optic
  • Theoretical resolution : 16.7 Lp/mm
  • Sensor cable length : Up to max:2.7 m


  • USB port of USB module - Version 2.0
  • Power supply - USB port
  • Permanent high image quality
  • Easy-to-change cable/Replaceable cable
  • Three sensor sizes (0, 1, 2)
1 - Sirona Fona CDR Elite Sensor 0 Size
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