Shipping Policies:-

What are the delivery charges?

There are no delivery charges ( Bangalore Location ) for orders with a total value of Rs 5000 or above. For the orders below Rs. 5000/- delivery charges are applicable. 

Extra charges will also depend upon the product(s) ordered. We have two categories of our products i.e: “Regular Order” and “Special Order” accordingly the delivery charges may apply. 

How are the items shipped?

Vitalticks delivers your orders through its own logistics team in its direct-service locations. Orders from all other locations are shipped through renowned logistics service providers (couriers). You can be assured that the products will reach you in perfect shape.

Vitalticks has reliable courier partners who cover most locations across the country. In case we can’t reach your place our customer care team will reach out to you and find alternative arrangements to ship the products to you. If alternative arrangements cannot be worked out, your payments shall be refunded to you and the order shall be canceled.

How many days does it take to ship the product?

 We have two categories of our products i.e: “Regular Order” and “Special Order”. It depends on you from which category you are ordering the product. The “Regular Order” will be shipped from the company’s warehouse on the same day itself or in 2 days. Whereas, “Special Order” are the products that the company procures especially for you. In that case, it may take 2 weeks to ship the product.

What does a 'special order' mean?

“Special orders” are the product that is specially procured for you by Vitalticks. In such cases, the company first checks the availability of the product with the sources. If there are no availability issues, the products are procured and sent across to you, similar to normal shipments. In some cases, the“Special orders” products may be procured for the specific requirement. It could take up to 2 weeks for shipping the order in such cases.

In case of availability issues, the customer support team would get in touch with you to suggest alternatives and arrive at a solution.

Why is the Cash on Delivery option not available for me?

Vitalticks accepts C-o-D only for transaction values lesser than Rs 25,000 and if the location is in Bangalore. We are continuously expanding our service locations, and we hope to offer the C-o-D facility and other benefits at your location in the near future.

Can I receive my products outside India?

No, we do not deliver to international locations currently.