SDI Stae Bond 5ml

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4.5 / 5
  • Stae is a fluoride releasing single component dentin / enamel total - etch adhesive system, designed for direct bonding.
  • Stae completely and homogeneously infiltrates the hybrid layer to ensure superior bonding to the tooth.


  • Acrylic monomer Acetone Fluoride Stabilizer
More Information
Brand Vitalticks
One bottle system
Stae combines both primer and adhesive in one bottle to simplify the technique and decrease patient chair time.
Fluoride release
Fluoride’s cariostatic effect enhances remineralization and inhibits enamel demineralization. In an aqueous environment, the fl uoride ions in Stae diffuse from the resin into the surrounding tooth. This ionic movement is caused by oral fl uid passing in and out of the resin and tooth, acting as a carrier for the fl uoride ions.
Non Bis-phenol A
Stae avoids the Bis-phenol A hormonal imbalance controversy, as it does not contain the related BisGMA resin.
Bonds to moist and dry tooth surfaces
Stae’s carrier solvent is a mixture of acetone and water. The acetone carries Stae deep into the demineralized dentin and the water re-moistens any dry dentin.
High bond strength
Stae’s complete hybridization of the resin into the demineralized dentin results in high bond strength.
1 - 5ml Stae bottle
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