SDI Riva Self Cure Powder/Liquid Kit - A2

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Riva Self Cure Powder/Liquid Kit - A2

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  • Riva Self Cure does not contain resin eliminating the problem of volumetric shrinkage after curing.
  • Sensitivity, resulting from microleakage associated with shrinkage does not occur.
• Strongest dentin replacement
• Great marginal adaption
• No shrinkage
• Choice of viscosities
• Isolate tooth, prepare cavity. Apply Riva Conditioner for 10 seconds or Super Etch 37% Phosphoric Acid for 5 seconds.
• Wash thoroughly.
• Remove excess water. Keep moist.
• Activate the capsule and immediately mix in an amalgamator. Important: Do not click with applicator before you mix.
• Immediately place into capsule applicator and click trigger until paste is seen through the nozzle.
• Extrude Riva Self Cure into cavity and contour.
• Apply Riva Coat and light cure.
• Commence final finishing under water spray.
• Apply Riva Coat and light cure.
• No shrinkage
• BPA and HEMA Free
• Choice of viscosities
• Bulk fill to save time
• Surface hardness
• Low acid erosion
• Non stress bearing Class I and II restorations
• Deciduous teeth restorations
• Geriatric restorations
• Intermediate restorative and base material for Class I and II cavities using the sandwich technique
• Cervical (Class V) restorations
• Core build ups
• Temporary fillings
• Restorative in the field using the ART technique
• Dentin replacement
* 6.9mL (8g) Riva Self Cure Liquid bottle,
* 15g Riva Self Cure Powder jar,
* 50 Capsules * Shade A2, A3
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