SDI Pola office Bulk Kit

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SDI Pola office Bulk Kit

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  • Pola Office is a hydrogen peroxide based in-office tooth whitening system requiring minimal chair time.
  • It is a neutral pH gel and contains desensitizers to maximize patient comfort.
  • Built in desensitizer Pola Office contains potassium nitrate(densensitizing agent).
  • It acts on the nerve endings by blocking the transmission of sensitive nerve impulses and providing a calming effect.
  • No bleaching light required No light is required to accomplish effective results, however any heat emitting curing light will accelerate the bleaching process to achieve results in just 30 minutes.
  • Flexible gingival barrier Pola Office’s flexible gingival barrier allows for a quick and clean removal.
5% Hydrogen peroxide Can be used with or without a light Minimal chair time- within 30 mins 1 to 2 patient with single kit.
• 2 x 0.3g Pola Office Powder Pots 2 x 2mL Pola Office Syringes .
• 1 x 1g Gingival Barrier Syringe Accessories.Sdi Pola Office 3 Patient Kit:6 x 0.3g polaoffice Powder Pots 6 x 2mL polaoffice Syringes 3 x 1g Gingival Barrier Syringes Accessories Sdi Pola Office Bulk Kit.
• 1 x 3g pola office powder jar.
• 1 x 20ml polaoffice liquid bottle.
• 3 x 1g Gingvial Barrier syringe Accessories.
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