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The greatest everyday composite

  • The ideal universal composite for your daily anterior and posterior        restoration challenges.
  • A simple aesthetic composite system with high polishability, strength and wear resistance.

Natural optical properties

  • Luna contains the right balance of optical elements such as fluorescence and translucency to produce a chameleon effect with the natural dentition without using a complicated multi-layering technique.
  • The relationship between colours and translucency of Luna is carefully balanced out to cleverly change according to the thickness of the material used when restoring a tooth.
  • Luna is the ideal composite for a busy dental office looking for aesthetic results.


  • 22.5% wt (39% vol.) multifunctional methacrylic ester
  • 77.5% wt (61% vol.) inorganic filler (40nm - 1.5 micron).
More Information
Brand Vitalticks
Isolate tooth, prepare cavity

• Etch tooth surface with Super Etch 37% phosphoric acid for 20 seconds. • Wash thoroughly.
• Remove excess water. Keep moist.
• Apply Stae to saturate all internal surfaces, or bonding agent according to manufacturer's instructions.
• Blow gently with dry, oil-free air for 2 seconds to evaporate solvent. Leave surface glossy.
• Light cure for 10 seconds.
• Place Luna in increments of 2mm or less in - Anterior restorations or Posterior restorations.
• Cure Luna for 20 seconds in increments of 2mm.
• Polish and finish.
Low shrinkage
• The low shrinkage of Luna minimizes post-operative sensitivity and microleakage; an effective seal against microleakage decreases the potential for secondary caries development. Luna has low polymerization shrinkage as it utilizes longer resin chains with fewer monomer links.
Compressive strength
• The high compressive strength of Luna enhances longevity of a composite by withstanding oral grinding forces. Luna's optimum filler level maximizes strength.
Non-stick handling
• Luna's non-stick handling is ideal for restoring anterior and posterior restorations. Its non-stick to placement instruments nature is perfect for gentle packing, contouring and easy sculpting.
• The unique high level of strontium aluminosilicate filler in Luna makes it easy to detect on X-rays.
High filler level
• Containing micro particles of strontium based glass and high loading, Luna can provide outstanding wear profile for your patients.
• Anterior restorations
• Posterior restorations
• Veneers
• Inlays/Onlays
• Core build up
• Class I, II, III, IV, V
Available in 4g Syringes in Shades A1, A2, A3, B1, B2.