Runyes QI 16 Class N Autoclave 16Ltr

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  • Runyes QI 16 Ltr Class N Autoclave - Sterilize your dental equipment for keeping your as well as your's patient hygiene on top.
  • Offered autoclave is integrated with microcomputer control system and sensor for automatic check and precise control respectively.
  • Furthermore, it's user-friendly interface allows the user to use it very easily and can sterilize wrapped / unwrapped, non porous, and solid instruments.
More Information
Model Name/Number Runyes QI 16 Class N Autoclave 16Ltr
Suitable For Dental Clinic
Tank Capacity 16 Ltrs
Class N
Sterilization Temperature 121 degrees C
Chamber Size 230 mm x 360 mm
Net Weight 50 Kg
  • QI 16- Semi-Automatic QI 16 Ltr. Auto-calve with dry cycle
  • Can be used at 121 degrees C / 134 degree C during sterilization
  • 2 Storage tanks for fresh and used water
  • Chamber size 230 mm x 360 mm
  • Net weight 50 Kg
  • No. of Tray 3 Nos 
  •  With precise control, the temperature can be controlled within ± 0.5 during sterilizing
  •  Automatically record of the time of sterilization beginning & end. Clean the inner pipe automatically for avoiding jam after every 100 times of cycles.
  • Adjustable dry time
  • The machine is dual-purpose, not only for instruments but also for cotton, on dry condition
     With an LCD display, you can see the date and curve of the sterilization process clearly
  • Adjustable date & time & language mode
  • Adopt imported silicon tube, high pressure, and high temperature resistant
  • Alarmed automatically when the storage tank is empty and the waster tank is full so that you don't need to worry for this problem
  •  Water quality sensor can test the quality of distilled water, reduce the failure rate
  •  The one-piece chamber is made of imported 304 stainless steel
  •  Safety valve ensure the chamber can release the pressure safely at emergency
  •  Double doors locking-system, mechanical lock with electrical lock,the machine can't open until the pressure turn 0
  •  Multi-safety protection system, which can ensure the safety of the operator
  •  Air-conditional heat removal system, prevent the machine from overheating
  •  Adopt the ABS plastic, whole model produce
  •  Imported Italy water pump
  •  Imported two-head vacuum pump with leather cup, vacuum more completely
1 Unit
Warranty of 1 Year
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