SDI Riva Light Cure A2 - 50 Capsules - HV

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SDI Riva Light Cure A2 - 50 Capsules - HV

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  • Riva Light Cure is the ideal radiopaque, resin reinforced glass ionomer restorative material.
  • With excellent tooth adhesion, sustained fluoride release, high compressive strength and command set, Riva Light Cure is useful for a wide range of restorative applications.
* High fluoride release
* Low solubility
* Proven anti microbial effect
* Setting time
• Minimal Class I, II, and III restorations
• Class V restorations
• Deciduous teeth restorations
• Geriatric restorations
• Core build-ups
• Root surface restorations
• As a base or liner Pit and fissure sealant
• Semi-permanent fillings
SDI Riva Light Cure - 50 Capsule, Type - HV, Shade - A2
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