Ivoclar OptraSculpt Assortment

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  • OptraSculpt is an innovative modelling instrument that facilitates working with composite materials. It consists of a high-quality handle and shank as well as specially designed modelling tips in six different shapes.
  • The special working ends are slightly elastic. Furthermore, they reduce the stickiness associated with handling composites, allowing fillings to be shaped more easily. The modelling tips can be rotated 360° and snapped into place at any angle desired.
  • The shank and handle are made of quality stainless steel and plastic. These parts of the instrument can be reused. The plastic working ends are disposable for reasons of hygiene. The six different working ends can be combined to create a total of 15 different individual instruments.
  • Two versions of the instrument are available: a double-end variant as well as an instrument with a stainless steel spatula on one side.
More Information
  • The position of the working ends can be selected at any point on the 360º axis of the shank
  • A total of 15 different instruments can be created by individually combining the different working ends
  • OptraSculpt single-ended, OptraSculpt double-ended 1x each
  • OptraSculpt ball, OptraSculpt point 40x each
  • OptraSculpt spatula, OptraSculpt chisel 40x each
  • OptraSculpt cylinder, OptraSculpt pyramid 40x each
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