NSK S-Max Pico High Speed Hand Piece (optic)

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  • NSK S-Max pico has been specifically developed for Minimally Invasive (M.I.) procedures that helps dentists to treat their patient with more comfort.
  • Moreover, this handpiece is ensured with superior durability and long-lasting high performance even after repeated autoclaving up to 135°C.
More Information
Brand NSK
Brand : NSK

Model : 114004P1140/1218

Technical Specifications:

  • Speed -380000 - 450000 RPM.
  • Warranty -6 months.
  • Body- Stainless Steel.
  • Power -9W.
  • Water Spray -Single Spray.
  • Head height- 9.0mm.
  • Head Diameter- Ø8.6.
  • Ultra Mini head handpiece provides better accessibility and enhanced visibility.
  • Super slim stainless-steel body with enhanced grip for better stability while performing dental procedures.
  • Improved precision during dental procedures through a microscope.
  • Even after repeated autoclaving, the NSK Pico handpiece has superior longevity and long-lasting high-performance.
  • It offers greater flexibility combined with increased patient comfort.
  • Cellular Glass Optic: It enhances visibility by generating light from individually charged optic cells.
  • Clean head System: It prevents cross-contamination from patient to patient by creating a sealing effect in the head of the handpiece when negative pressure is created around the head.
  • Interchangeable cartridge: For uninterrupted work in the clinic, cartridges are quickly replaced, helping you minimize expenditures and downtime.
  • Pico Burs: For better compatibility with Pico handpiece, unique ultra-short shank burs are developed by NSK. These burs are compact and of robust quality.

Advantages of NSK Pico Handpiece:

  • Enhanced visibility.
  • Improved productivity.
  • Better patient co-operation.
  • Increased accuracy of treatment.
  • Improved stability of dentist’s head for better focus on the procedure.
  • A handpiece for pedo patients.
  • In smallmouth opening patients (Trismus).
  • To access last molar region.
1 Piece
  • 6 months of warranty.
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