MD Flexer Heat Activation Engine Used

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MD Flexer Heat Activation Engine Used

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  • Newest generation rotary files made up of NiTi with unique Monel alloy equipped with the new metallurgy. Conservative 6 files design.

Heat Activation Technology:

  • Once the dead pulpal tissue is removed from the canal, the empty canal inside the oral cavity will be in a low temperature. Once the metal like NiTi negotiates inside the empty canal, friction is developed inside the canal. So stress is induced in the instruments and dentinal tubule fracture happens inside the canal. In order to rectify the stress, the heat activation technology is introduced. This will work in all the variant temperature, the file randomly bends even at 30 – 70 degree centigrade. It gives good elasticity in the low oral temperature. It distributes the stress occurring inside the canal and avoids the fracture inside the canal.


SAW (Self Adaptive Wire) Technology:

  • It is the newest technology which was developed by our research and development team after a long research effort. This is a unique technology available only in our system. By the use of this technology a practitioner doesn’t need to force the instrument while working. Once the tip of the file enters into the canal it adapts according to the shape of the canal and negotiates according to the canal shape.
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Brand Mothers Dental
  • 300 – 500 % Fracture Resistance.
  • Excellent results in curved and calcified canals.
  • Recommended usage 24 to 30 canals.
  • Recommended GP for C1/C2/C3 = 0.06% taper Tip size for C1/C2/C3 = 0.20/0.25/0.30mm.
  • Aggressive Cutting Efficiency.
  • Long Durability.
  • Ultra Flexible Files.
  • Fracture Resistance.
  • Heat Activation Technology.
  • SAW (Self Adaptive Wire) Technology.
  • 6 pcs/pack.