MD FARCI Universe Nano Hybrid Composite Kit

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FARCI Universe Nano Hybrid Composite Kit

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  • Farci Universe Composite is Applying a Unique Nano Hybrid Technology to Maximize the Load of Fillers by Controlling the Size and Distribution of Particles.
  • Visible Light Activated Composite Design ForUse in Anterior and Posterior Restorations.
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Brand Mothers Dental

Solution of simplicity with universal shade:

  • The shades in Farci Universe abide by VITA Classic shade guide.Therefore single shade restoration can be applied as conventional & ordinary solution.

Nano hybrid technology:

  • Farci Universe composite is applying unique nano hybrid dispersion technology to maximize the load of fillers by controlling the size and distribution of particles. It dramatically increased composite’s physical properties and notably improved the smooth surface of restoration in comparison with traditional micro hybrid or hybrid composite.
  • Good Polishing Strength Even After 6000Cycles of Tooth Brush Abrasion.
  • Farci Universe has a Statistically Higher Fracture Toughness than the other composites.
  • The Diametral Tensile Strength of Farci Universe is higher than the otherComposites.The Compressive Strength of Farci Universe is 440MPa and Filler Load79% ut.Flexural Strength is 125 MPa.
  • Good Wear Resistance.
  • Very Low Film Thickness of 0.01mm 
  • Excellent Consistency, Ease of Handling. Non-Sticky Features withExcellent Clinical Performance.
  • Shade Blend with Surrounding Dentition.
  • Perfect Match to Vita Classic Shade Guide.
  • Fluoride Dispersion/Releases FluorideHighly Radio Opaque.
  • Very Low Shrinkage of 2.2%
  • All class of direct restoration for anterior and posterior.
  • Indirect restoration such as Veneer, inlay and onlay.
  • Core buildups.




  • A1,A2,A3,A3.5,A4,B1,B2,B3,C2,C3

Composite Kit:





  • Composite x 4                                                                   
  • Etching Gel x 1                                                                 
  • Light cure Adhesive x 1                                       
  • Flowable A2 x 1