Major Orma Kit

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  • Major Ormakit contains a complete set of condensation curing silicones - one silicone putty for the first impression, one light bodied silicone for the second impression and two 35ml packs of activator gel.


  • Ormadent Putty formulation, based on synthetic spheroidal silicas fillers, performs the maximum fluidity combined with perfect final dimensional stability.
  • Ormadent Putty, due to its excellent initial flowing and final rigidity, guarantees the best results for all impression techniques
  • Ormadent Putty is the ideal support when employed in the “two-stage putty/wash technique” and it ensures the perfect cohesion between putty and light materials in the “single-stage double mixing technique”. This leads to the realization of high precision impressions.


  • Ormamax Light specific formulation guarantees the optimal initial fluidity for an easy intraoral product flowing.
  • Oramamax Light doesn’t drip, it is syringeable and directly applicable on the preparation.
  • Ormamax Light consistency and high hydrocompatibility guarantee a perfect reproduction of fine details in every clinical condition. Ormamax Light is the ideal product when employed both for the “single-stage double mixing technique” and for the “two-stage putty/wash technique”.
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Brand Vitalticks
• Supple, non-stick material.
• Very high compressive strength and recovery from deformation.
• Adequate total working time.
• Easy mixing control thanks to the chromatic contrast with the gel catalyst.

• Very high compressive strength and recovery from deformation
• Adequate total working time
• Easy mixing control thanks to the chromatic contrast with the gel catalyst
Package content:
* silicone putty- 1 x 900ml
* silicone light body- 1 x 150ml
* Activator gel: 2 x 35ml