Major Alginplus

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Major Alginplus

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  • Extra-high precision alginate for impressions with chromatic phase indicator. New enriched formula for enhanced details reproduction.
  • The excellent dimensional stability allows casting of the impressions after 5 days (if correctly stored in sealed container).
  • Extremely refined formulation. Chromatic indication of the working phases for easy and precise results, regardless of water temperature and hardness.
  • Setting time: 2 mins (at 23°C).
• Mixing Time: 35 secs
• Working Time (a 23°C): 1 min 20 secs
• Setting Time (a 23°C): 2 mins
• Recovery from deformation: 96.5%
• Shelf Life: 6 years
• Pour-up Time: 5 days
1 x 453 g Packet
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