Ivoclar Fluor Protector Single Dose Assortment

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Fluor Protector

Fluor Protector is a protective varnish with fluoride

  • Because of its properties the varnish spreads easily and readily flows into complex surface structures. It dries quickly and shows excellent adhesion to teeth
  • Many years of clinical experience and numerous international studies confirm the effectiveness of Fluor Protector.
  • Fluor Protector is suitable for treating children, adolescents and adults.Given its fluoride content, it is even suitable for treating pre-schoolers.
  • The protective action of Fluor Protector is based on the following factors: inhibition of demineralisation, stimulation of remineralisation, incorporation of fluoride into the lower layers of enamel, repair of initial caries lesions.

Available in 3 delivery forms: VivAmpoules, Ampoules and Single Dose

More Information
  • Clear, colourless, fast-drying varnish
  • Early prevention measure, highly esthetic results
  • Three-fold formula for optimum dental care
  • Optimum distribution on problem areas due to its smooth consistency
  • Fresh feeling in the mouth ensures more sustained use
  • Calcium + 1450 ppm fluoride + phosphate protect the teeth against acid attacks
  • Xylitol inhibits the growth of cariogenic bacteria
  • Neutral pH
  • Hypersensitivity: Defence against external stimuli in exposed cervicals
  • Superior protection against caries and erosion
  • Fluor Protector Single Dose Assortment 20*0.4ml
  • Fluor Protector Single Dose Assortment 40*0.4ml