Ivoclar Empress Direct Color/Opaque Assortment

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  • Empress Direct Color:
    Empress Direct Color comprises seven selected shades for the creation of natural-looking characterizations.
  • It can be used for direct composite restorations, indirect CAD/CAM restorations as well as for masking discoloured tooth structure. IPS Empress Direct Color can be applied directly to composite or ceramics without dilution.
  • The ultra-fine tips with a diameter of only 0.4 mm allow the material to be applied easily and precisely. 
  • Empress Direct Opaque:
    The light-curing opaque IPS Empress Direct Opaquer material reliably masks undesired tooth discolourations, exposed metal surfaces and core build-ups in the anterior and posterior region.
  • Given its high masking power, even the application of thin layers is sufficient to mask undesired discolourations or metal surfaces successfully: Even in deeper areas, discolouration is no longer visible. IPS Empress Direct Opaque comes in the ergonomic Luer-Lock syringe and is available in a universal shade.
More Information
  • Direct application to composite or ceramics without dilution
  • Quick and accurate shade
  • Easy and precise application
  • Ultra-fine tips
  • IPS Empress Direct Color/Opaque Assortment
  • IPS Empress Direct Color: 7 x 1g
  • White, honey yellow, ochre, brown, purple, blue, grey
  • IPS Empress Direct Opaque 1 x 1.8g