Dmg Tray Adhesive

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  • Tray adhesive for adhesion between A-silicones with metal and plastic trays


  • Silicone resin Solvent (volatile paraffin)
More Information
Brand DMG
• For dental use only! Keep out of reach of children! Do not swallow.
• In the event of unintentional ingestion, seek advice from a doctor Highly flammable.
• Keep away from naked flames Do not inhale vapours.
• In the event of unintentional inhalation, likewise, seek advice from a doctor • Avoid contact with skin and eyes! In the event of accidental contact, immediately rinse thoroughly with plenty of water and consult a physician if necessary.
For adhesion addition curing silicone impression materials (PVS) with minimal or non-retentive impression trays (metal, plastic)
1 x 10 ml Bottle.