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DMG TempoCem NE

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TempoCem NE zinc oxide non-eugenol cement is ideal for use in cases where a eugenol temporary cement is not recommended. Because any residue of eugenol may inhibit the polymerization of resin materials, TempoCem NE's non-eugenol formula is perfect for cases in which a resin material or a resin reinforced glass ionomer will be used for the final restoration.


Catalyst paste: Natural resins, fatty acids, additives

Base paste: Zinc oxide, paraffin, additives

More Information
Brand DMG
• Optimal adhesion and removability
• Thin film thickness
• Automatic mixing
• Direct application
Hand Mix: 1 Tube - 85 g base, 1 Tube - 25 g catalyst

Smart Mix: 2 x 11g syringes, 20 x Smart mixing tips

Auto Mix: 2 Smartmix-syringes - 11g, 20 Smartmix-Tips