Dmg Luxacore Z / Luxabond Kit

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  • Luxatemp Fluorescence has superior aesthetics and unique handling that fits perfectly into the Luxatemp family, so that clinicians can confidently choose the best temporary material to fit their clinical needs.
  • Outstanding esthetics, with superior stability.
  • Luxatemp Fluorescence is available in both Automix and Smartmix formulas.
  • Available in shades: A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B1 and Bleach Light.
  • A fast and easy fit. Luxatemp Fluorescence makes temporaries look as good as final restorations in all lighting conditions.
  • It has a Bisacryl composition for durable temporary restorations and low shrinkage eliminates the need to remarginate and makes provisionals easy to remove.
  • Its neutral taste and odour with no liquid monomers provide greater patient acceptance.
  • COMPOSITION:-Glass filler particles in a matrix of multifunctional methacrylates, catalysts, additives, stabilizers
More Information
Brand DMG
Durable and long-lasting provisionals.
High hardness prevents wearing down of bridges; there are no perforations of the provisional.
Reduces patient return visits' saving time and money.
Strong, abrasion resistant material.
Automix Cartridge: (Dispensing Gun & Tips Compatibility :- 1:10) 1 x 76gm automix cartridge
15automix tips
Smartmix syringe: 1 x 15gm Smartmix syringe 10 smartmix tips
Hand Mix: 1 x 106g Base Tube
1 x 6gm Catalyst Tube.