DMG Germany Silagum Comfort Kit

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  • Silagum-Comfort is the tried and tested Vinylpolysiloxane soft relining material for total, partial and implant-anchored dentures.
  • Its outstanding advantages: The non-methyl-methacrylate product ensures a secure bond with all commercially available denture base materials and excellent tear strength, a fact that was examined and confirmed by an independent study by the Nordic Institute of Dental Materials (NIOM, Oslo).


  • Composition Addition-cured vinyl polysiloxanes, hydrogen polysiloxanes, fillers, pigments, additives, platinum catalyst
More Information
Brand DMG
• Excellent bond
• Superior tear strength
• Odorless and tasteless
• Permanently soft
• Excellent bond
• Superior tear strength
• Odourless and tasteless
• User-friendly handling
• Permanently soft
• Highly esthetic due to colour stability
1 Cartridge - 50 ml, 5ml Primer, 2 - 10ml varnish