Dmg Germany Icon Smooth Surface

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Germany Icon Smooth Surface

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  • DMG Germany Icon is used for the micro-invasive treatment of smooth surface and proximal caries lesions. It can be used to treat lesions into the first third of dentin (D-1).
  • Icon can arrest the progression of early enamel lesions (caries) and white spot caries-like lesions.
  • This micro-invasive technology fills and reinforces demineralized enamel without drilling or anaesthesia.


  • Icon-Etch: Hydrochloric acid, pyrogenic silicic acid, surface-active substances
  • Icon-Dry: 99% ethanol
  • Icon-Infiltrant: Methacrylate-based resin matrix, initiators, additives
More Information
Brand DMG
  • Smooth surface
  • Highly aesthetic
  • Methacrylate-based resin matrix
  • Icon can arrest the progress of early enamel lesions up to the first third of dentin – in one simple procedure, without unnecessary loss of healthy tooth structure
  • Cosmetically remove white spot lesions in just one visit
  • Lesions infiltrated by Icon take on the appearance of the surrounding healthy enamel
  • This provides a highly aesthetic alternative to micro-abrasion and restorative treatments of cariogenic white spots- all in one simple treatment, with no drilling
Treatment Pack for 2 Patients
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