Dmg Ecusphere Carat

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  • Restorations of all cavity classes especially Class I and Class II, fabrication of direct Inlays and Onlays.
  • Highly viscous, packable, Excellent handling, Non-Sticky, Good cavity adaptation
  • Specially developed for the crane-carrying area, EcuSphere-Carat meets the highest demands, both in terms of mechanical properties and processing parameters.
  • Highly viscous, packable and non-sticky, EcuSphere Carat can be processed excellently. In a survey of established dentists EcuSphere carat were certified by 83% of all subjects very good processing properties.
  • In addition to excellent adaptability, EcuSphere Carat can be perfectly modeled. Optimally adjusted abrasion values ​​avoid the damage of antagonists.
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Brand DMG
• Highly viscous, packable
• Excellent handling
• Does not stick to the instrument
• Good cavity adaptation
• Excellent stability
• Natural fluorescence
4.5g Syringe in A1, A2, A3, A3.5 & Opaque Shades