DMG Contax - Intro Kit

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DMG Contax - Intro Kit

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  • Contax is a light-curing, self-etching, and self-conditioning adhesive system for dentine and enamel.
  • The Contax adhesive system can be used with and is compatible with light-, dual- and self-curing composites, compomers and ormocers.
  • If the restoration is not light-cured in the later course of treatment, the activator must be used.
  • Contax itself, however, must be light-cured, even if the Activator is used. 


  • Contax-Primer: Water, carboxylic acid, sodium fluoride
  • Contax-Bond: Hydrophilic and acidic Bis-GMA-based resin matrix, catalyst
  • Contax-Activator: Hydrophilic and acidic Bis-GMA-based resin matrix, benzoyl peroxide 
More Information
Brand DMG
• Helps eliminate bonding failures
• Makes it possible to use just 1 bonding system
• Self-etching and self-conditioning
• No separate etching step is needed
• Saves times and effort
• Exhibits a high shear bond strength
• For long-lasting restorations
• Water-based primer
• Reduces technique sensitivity
• Allows for wet, moist or dry bonding
• Fluoride releasing
• To help prevent recurrent caries
• Improved dropper dispenser for simple, safe and accurate dosing
• Color-coded bottles - simplify handling and the reduce risk of cross- contamination
1 x 5 ml Bottle Contax-Primer
1 x 5 ml Bottle Contax-Bond
1 x 5 ml Activator