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  • Diadent Dia- PT Files are nickel-titanium rotary files used to shape the root canal in rotary endodontics. With progressive taper design and superior cutting efficiency, Dia-PT Rotary Files offer high flexibility, precision, safety and successful clinical results.
  • These endodontic files are designed to instrument calcified or severely curved canals. The stronger and sharper blades of the rotary endodontic files enable them to move deeper into the canal.
  • The triangular cross-section of this endo rotary system reduces contact with the canal wall. Dia-PT rotary files have high flexibility reducing user fatigue and ensure safety.
More Information
  • 4 File Shaping System.
  • Superior Nickel Titanium Allo.
  • 2nd Generation Rotary File.

The number of files used for shaping, as included in the first key specification, applies to most number of cases, and may vary according to the clinical scenario.

  • Coronal - Middle: D1 expands the glide path and enlarges to widen the coronal section. Irrigate with NaOCI before engaging the file. Shape the middle part of the coronal section using D1 File.
  • Middle - Apical: Continue shaping the middle and apical portions with D1 file using gentle force to brush laterally. Cut the dentin on the outstroke to improve straight-line access and apical progression.
  • Full Working Length Shaping: After providing adequate irrigation, continue shaping the rest of the section (up to the apex) using D1 File.
  • Canal Shaping: D2 enlarges to the apical 2/3. Shape the canal section with a gentle brushing action using D2 File. Confirm working length frequently, especially when shaping severely curved canals.
  • Canal Shaping: Shape down to the apex using D3 File with an in-and-out pecking motion. Finish shaping when it matches the size of K-File #20.
  • Canal Shaping: If the apex is larger than the hand file #20, continue shaping with D4 (if #20 hand file is loose at length) and/or D5 (if #25 hand file is loose at length).
  • Superior Cutting Efficiency.
  • High Flexibility.
  • Highly Integrable.
  • Packing - Refill Pack of 4 Files.