Dentsply M-Access K-Files 25mm

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  • Dentsply M Access K Files are stainless steel dental k files used in endodontics
  • The k files by Dentsply have an ergonomic handle and safety grooves that improve functionality
More Information
  • NEVER force an endodontic instrument.
  • NEVER traumatize periapical tissue; this will retard healing and cause pain.
  • Measurement control stops must be utilized at all times. Accurate reference points are a necessity.
  • Minimize the forcing of debris through the apical foramen by employing gentle instrumentation and proper measurement control.
  • Always work in a wet canal (flooded with irrigating solution).
  • Clean instruments frequently during their use.
  • NEVER use an instrument that is dull or that shows signs of rust or wear (untwisting, burnished areas, etc.) discard used instruments frequently, especially in small sizes.
  • The canal must be kept clear of debris during all phases of instrumentation. Irrigate
  • Exploration and access to the orifice
  • Give a straight-line access to the canal.
  • Achievement and maintenance of apical patency. 
  • More flexible.
  • Corrosion-resistant.
  • Debriding and cleaning of the root canal.
  • Removal of all infected and affected dentin.
  • Smoothing of the canal walls.
  • Tapering of the canal to receive a filling.
Pack of 6 files. Avaialble files 25mm #10, 25mm #15