Dentsply Ceram.X Duo 7 Syringe Kit

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Dentsply Ceram.X Duo 7 Syringe Kit

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A Simple and Natural Choice

  • Ceram·X® is a light cured, radiopaque restorative material for restoration of anterior and posterior teeth.
  • Ceram·X® combines nanotechnology, proprietary to DENTSPLY and known from Prime&Bond® NT, with improved organically modified Ceramic particles, resulting in a Nano-Ceramic Restorative with unique features.
  • Thus, Ceram·X® offers natural esthetics by simple procedure, extraordinary low monomer release and superior handling characteristics.
  • Ceram·X™ duo+, what's new?
    Ceram·X® duo+ dentine shades provide improved modeling compared to Ceram·X® duo and the enamel shades provide better long term gloss. 
    Ceram·X® duo+, the Double Translucency System, offers four dentine shades with translucencies of natural dentine and three enamel shades which mimic natural enamel.
  • Their design has been optimized for highly esthetic restorations with a minimum number of shades.
  • For the enamel shades, the unique Nano-Ceramic matrix in combination with the optimized filler particle size distribution creates an ideal balance between handling and optical characteristics.
  • additionally, Ceram·X® duo+ comprises one bleach dentine shade for the restoration of bleached teeth.
More Information
  • Just 7 shades covering the complete VITA system
  • Long working time for placing and sculpting
  • Latest nano ceramic technology meaning reduced monomer leakage
  • Indicated for all anterior and posterior direct restorations
  • Single and dual layer options
  • 7 Syringes. 3 g each (Shades D1. D2. D3. D4. E1. E2. E3). 1 duo Shade Guide of Original Material. 2 i-Shade Labels. 1 Instructions for Use. 1 Illustrated Technique Guide. 1 Tray. Dappen Dish
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