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  • D-Tech Iono-Coat is a colorless, self-curing product for the protection of Glass Ionomer restorations from moisture during initial setting.
  • Glass Ionomers suffer from maximum erosion during the initial 24 hours. This is due to the fact that the aluminium complexing is still underway during this period.
  • As such, it is very important to protect Glass Ionomers from erosion during this initial period.
  • D-Tech Iono-Coat provides a thin film over Glass Ionomer restorations which will last about 24 hours and protect the Glass Ionomer from erosion.
  • The unique feature of the D-Tech Iono-Coat is that it uses a natural solvent derived from orange oil.
  • This also eliminates the offensive odour of acetone found in other protective varnishes.
More Information
Brand D-TECH
* Does not contain acetone or chloroform.
* Contains natural nonhazardous solvent.
* Effectively protects Glass Ionomer restorations during their initial settings period.
* Protective Varnish coating for Glass Ionomer restorations.
Package Contents: 1 bottle of 10gm