Carestream RVG

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  • Carestream RVG 5200 is known for user-defined image processing tools that allow you to program new default settings, either by using the pre-set tools or by defining your own. When it comes to the perfect choice of digital dental radiography, Carestream RVG 5200 is the ideal choice.
  • The intuitive intraoral imaging system is now available in an affordable range to meet all the requirements of dentists. Digital RVG CS 5200 sensor enhances the patient's comfort that is also reliable and easy to use.
  • The workflow of CARESTREAM 5200 is simple as to position, expose view with no control box, and new design. It's a plug and plays workflow system.
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  • 3 modes (Perio, Endo, Dentino-enamel junction) pre-programmed in software allows the dentist easy optimization of image contrast.
  • HD quality image
  • 20% thinner for easy placement inside the patient mouth
  • Tooth-brush type positioner
  • Fully water-proof and dust resistant
  • Maximum durability
  • Easy customization of images for improved accuracy in diagnosis


  •  Newly redesigned cable.
  •  20% thinner diameter reduction in cable thickness.
  •  Teflon lining reduces the friction of cable wires.
  •  Improved flexibility.
  •  The weaving of alloy mesh cable shielding optimized for flexibility.


  •  Reinforced cable connection points are injection molded to increase   strength over the previous generation of the RVG sensor.
  •  Sensor cable attachment.
  •  Connection to USB plug.
  •  Higher uptime with lower service costs. BUILT TO LAST.
  •  Thanks to rigorous design and testing, all RVG sensors provide   maximum durability and flexibility. Completely waterproof, RVG sensors can be safely submerged in disinfectant for improved infection control.
  • The shock-resistant cases and silicon padding offers protection from falls, bites, and other damage, allowing them to stand up to even the toughest day in the operatory. In addition, protective lead layer helps to prevent damage due to repeated high exposure ensuring a long lifespan with an attractive return of investment.


  •  As an entry point into dental digital radiography, the RVG 5200 system is not only easy to use but also remarkably powerful. The image appears immediately upon acquisition, allowing you to save valuable time and focus on what's important - your patient.
  • No longer have to sacrifice image quality for affordability. ENHANCED WORKFLOW.
  • Workflow is optimized to the extreme.


  •  No need to activate the sensor prior to image acquisition.
  •  RVG sensors are always ready to acquire images.
  •  The image is displayed within seconds after X-ray exposure.


  •  TWAIN compatibility means the sensor can be integrated with almost any imaging and dental practice management software, including Carestream Dental practice management software.


  • The RVG 5200 sensors ergonomic design makes positioning a breeze, while rounded camera ensures a more comfortable examination for patients. The sensors rear entry cable also assists in positioning and further improve dental care.

Technical Specifications:

  • True Image resolution - 16 lp/mm
  • Technology -  Super CMOS
  • Connection - USB 2.0 high speed
  • Outside dimension - 27.6 X 37.7 mm
  • Dimension of active area - 22.2 X 29.6 mm
  • Sensor plate thickness - 7.3mm
  • 1 x Kodak RVG 5200 Sensor
  • Sensor Holders
  • Sensor Sleeves
  • Manufacturer/Importer warranty for CARESTREAM KODAK RVG 5200 DIGITAL RADIOGRAPHY SYSTEM is 5 Years as applicable for this product.
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