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Cancellations and Returns:-

How do I cancel the order, I have placed?

 To cancel the order you have to get in touch with our customer care. If the product is not shipped, it can be cancelled. If the order has already been shipped, do not accept the shipment when it arrives. PB will be done once we receive the product(s). If the payment is done it will be refunded through the same payment process. In case you have ordered it and opted it for COD then the amount shall go to your wallet and you can use it for the next order.

If the product(s) have been specially procured for you by VitalTicks then the refund would depend on the product. You can definitely get in touch with our customer care for clarification. 


VitalTicks ship the product(s) as soon as we receive the order. The order may be shipped in a day or 2 if the order is from Bangalore or may be shipped within 2-3 hours as well. If we receive the cancellation before we ship the product(s), there won’t be any extra charges. In case the product(s) are shipped then the cancellation charge would be Rs. 50/- or it may vary according to the product(s). 

The company may charge extra for the cancellation for the product(s) which are specially procured for you. It may happen that the cancellation won’t be available.

I have created a Return request/ Cancellation request. When will I get a refund?


In the case of the cancellation request, the refund shall depend on the whether the cancellation request is sent before we ship the item or after the shipment is done. If the shipment is already initiated then there will be a cancellation charge of Rs. 50/-. In the case the company receives the request before shipping then the refund will be initiated in the same payment process. In case of COD, the money shall go back to your wallet which could be used in the next shopping.


In the case of the return request, the refund will be initiated only after we receive the product(s). It would shall depend on whether the product(s) is in the same condition as it was delivered. In case we find any defect or if the product tampers, then the return won’t be accepted. If the selected payment is through net banking or online process then the refund will be in the same payment process. In the case of COD,  the amount shall go to the customer’s wallet which could be used in the next purchase.


What is I receive a defective/damaged product?

We take care of our product(s) with the utmost care while we pack and send it to you. We have our reliable logistics partners to carry your shipments. In case you receive a damaged product(s), we would request you not to accept the delivery. Please contact our customer care and inform the same. The company shall help you with a replacement or we can refund you with the same payment process.


Is it possible to return the product to Vitalticks which I am yet to use?

Yes, you can return the product if it is unused and the seal is intact. Vitalticks has a no-questions-asked-returns policy for unused products. A refund will be initiated in 7 business days from the day the product is received by the company itself or by the delivery person. However, the same is not applicable to the products which have been specially procured against the order. In such cases, the Vitalticks team will notify the same to you immediately. Our customer care will help you in scheduling a pick-up for the returned product, from your place. In cases where the return shipment cannot be facilitated by Vitalticks, you may be asked to ship the product to our address directly.


Can I return the product that I started using but do not like it anymore?  

Vitalticks has a no-questions-asked-returns policy for unused products. In case you have used the product(s) and have a genuine reason for not using it anymore, do call our customer care service they will tell you if the return could be scheduled or not. After the acceptance from the company, the return request shall be confirmed.  Vitalticks shall initiate a return request with the manufacturer/vendor of the product. If the vendor is satisfied with the reasoning for the return of the product and is willing to accept the return, Vitalticks will confirm the acceptance of the return. If you want to initiate such a return process, please contact our customer care within 15 days of the receipt of the products. A return shipping fee  would be applicable if returns are approved.


Can I cancel/return only a part of my order?

Yes, it is possible to cancel/return only a part of your order ( if not used / opened the order). Please get in touch with our customer care to initiate a partial cancellation/return request.