Worried to RE-OPEN your dental clinic post lockdown? 

COVID lockdown did give us enough break that we kept craving for ages! It bored us to some extent, our lives were on halt and life seemed empty and we learned the importance of our workplace!

For all the dentists reading this right now, yes we know you missed your practice space, and resuming your dentistry gives you utmost happiness. But make sure your clinic is ready before you get your patients. Lockdown had been too long than we expected and everything stopped all of a sudden! You left all your instruments and equipment all alone abruptly and for so long. 

Following safety measures could help to resume your dentistry: 

Get your equipment a technical inspection

The lockdown did not only stop your practice but rather your equipment were also shut down for days. Using them directly on your patient could lead to disfunctioning or working failure which could lead to damage to the equipment or harm your patient. Get your technical inspection done before you start! You can find a pro-technician from VitalTicks.

Safeguard your clinic from COVID-19 contamination

COVID-19 virus effect is not going to end near future, it is always best to be prepared for everything that comes along. Disinfecting your clinic, surrounding, instruments like chairs, sofas, lobby area, and the entire clinic could help in controlling the contamination. Make sure you disinfect your clinic and its surroundings once a week.

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Dentist’s & dental assistant’s safety is one of the main concerns

As a dentist, you directly come in contact with numerous people and we never know who is infected and who is not. So the best way is to take precautionary measures! 

Get ready with safety list and stock them in your clinic:

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Schedule appointments to avoid crowding

Keeping your schedule with time gaps so that your clinic is not overcrowded and patients can maintain social distancing.

Sterilization & disinfection of equipment and instruments

When you work on your patients during the pandemic the sterilization and disinfection come along as your major concern. Sterilizing your equipment right after the treatment and sanitize the working space to double-check on the safety of your patient & yourself.

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