The Digital World of Dentistry has been one of the much talked about domains in the overall healthcare domain. There have been several reasons why Dental Clinicians and Support Diagnosticians have been opting for the new Digital Dentistry tools and solutions being offered by VATECH. While there are several benefits to talk about the most important of all is the optimum utilization of available technology.

Practice Benefits

  • Environmental friendly
  • No more film, chemicals, or disposal fees
  • Instant images allow significant time savings
  • Increase productivity - more effective
  • More chairside time for patient care
  • Increased treatment plan acceptance by patients
  • Affordable technology that will keep you updated
  • Rapid return on your investment

Patient Benefits

  • Waiting time is less
  • Faster Appointments for immediate relief
  • More comfortable procedures
  • Reduced exposure to radiation
  • Involved in co-diagnosis - enhances trust
  • A better understanding of problems and related treatment procedure


System Benefits

  • High-performance CMOS technology
  • Sensor and software are easy to understand
  • One size fits all, single-sensor concept
  • Ergonomic design for patient comfort and positioning accuracy
  • Easy to learn, simple to use
  • Clinically meaningful images
  • Customized software modules with Videos presentations
  • Integrates with all major practice management programs
  • Affordable network solution, both private practice and enterprise environments
  • Tailored solutions for General Dentists and specialties including Endodontics, Implantology, Periodontology, and Forensics
  • Includes on-site training session
  • Unmatched 5* Years Warranty

VATECH is the best

VATECH is the Most Preferred Brand in Dental Radiology Segment, worldwide. The largest number of installations prove that VATECH offers the BEST Digital Imaging System. Using international level methodologies that are accepted globally in the real-world experience, VATECH is known for High-Quality Products & Unmatched Support System.

There are many instances where whoever consulted VATECH Representative before deciding on a new digital X-ray sensor - ended up buying VATECH Imaging Range. We are confident that with the side-by-side comparisons of information and educational literature - every Dentist takes The Smart Decision of buying VATECH Products.

We accept that we are not the cheapest but We are the largest selling brand that is proudly offering the More Work Flow Concept and an Affordable Solution for your Dental Imaging requirements.

Films are more expensive

The cost for a film-based practice is extremely high and much more sometimes when there are some complicated cases.

You just can imagine the overall expenses when it comes to the costs for film and all the related stuff that goes with it.

Following are the consumable expenses that will incur again and again, as long as you are in practice:

  •  The cost of film.
  •  The cost of time.
  •  The cost of labor.
  •  The cost of mounts.
  •  The cost of chemicals.
  •  The cost of chemical disposal.

All things considered, it makes financial sense to Go Digital!.

You start getting a return on your investment as soon as you begin practicing with digital imaging and this new technology is quickly recouped by not paying for all those expenses on film consumables. Very likely, your cost per month will be much less than what you’re paying for film supplies.

Moreover, when you add staff wages into the equation as these are among the biggest expenses for most dental practices. Digital efficiency lets your workflow tasks for more productive, perhaps business-growing, things as compared to using films.


It has been further envisioned that efficacy in terms of exactness and faster diagnosis has enhanced the patient care index via Digital Dentistry by VATECH. Next in the line of benefits of course is the cost factor.

There is a reasonable difference and saving in case of opting for the modern digital techniques compared to the traditional films.

We can help you Calculate - How VATECH Imaging is better than Film.


Ensure More Work Flow & Save Time

Ergonomics, Image quality, ease of use, efficiency, practicality, and case presentation are key points considered when it comes to making the best digital imaging sensor and consulting software. Dentists find it easy to use and have Faster Workflow that not only saves Valuable Time but also gives more productivity & income VATECH Sensors are the perfect design in terms of size, shape, and technology with their highly automated, user-friendly software interface and you get the easy-to-use digital X-ray system that offers the faster workflow versus the other sensors.

VATECH Sensors also ensure patient comfort and fast workflow. We recommend that have a look at VATECH Sensor eye-opening study results before finalizing any other Imaging Sensor.


Most Consistent Images

VATECH Sensors works extremely well on a Broader Range of Exposures
You get the clinically usable images at a wider range of exposure settings as compared to the other sensors – even when radiograph conditions are not ideal.

Made For Smart Dentists

The clinician and the diagnostician are in mind during VATECH's multifaceted approach to designing dental imaging solutions. Image quality, ergonomics, ease of use, efficiency, practicality, and case presentation are all considerations when it comes to building the best digital X-ray sensor and dental imaging software.


Best Image Quality

VATECH Excels in Visible Resolution & Contrast

The science behind the VATECH Sensor and software delivers the best image quality versus the other sensor. With the VATECH system, you get unparalleled radiographs that are extremely clear, sharp, and highly detailed – most importantly, at lower exposure settings.

Most Consistent Images

Outperforms Over a Broader Range of Exposures

VATECH Sensors are more consistent and clinically useable at a wider range of exposure settings than those of the other sensor – even when radiograph conditions are not ideal. Practitioners benefit from a reduction in the number of time-consuming, exposure-related retakes. Patients benefit from the reduction in radiation.