Tips to use GC Miracle Mix

GC Miracle Mix comes in one pack containing:

GC restoratives help in restoring the teeth with long-lasting glass ionomer that pleasingly heals the teeth. The GC Miracle Mix glass ionomer cement has 100% fine silver alloy powder that gives a lasting core build-up and blocks the cavity and repairs. The glass ionomers bond the best to the enamel and the dentine of the teeth.

GC Miracle Mix has a triple cure glass resin-reinforced glass ionomer which is the best suit for filling the cavities. The glass ionomer releases fluoride which helps in reducing the secondary decays. The major positive aspect of glass ionomers is that they match the tooth color and do not cause any staining. As a result, giving a natural appearance to the tooth. 

GC Miracle Mix is also available in capsule form making it easy to apply and use. 

Directions to use GC Miracle Mix

Step: 1

2-3 scoops: 2 drops of liquid 

The proportion of the scoops of powder used has to be equal to the liquid added to it. 

Step: 2

The mixing time takes a maximum of 1 min 30 secs at normal temperature i.e 23℃ - 25℃.

The entire procedure takes time of around 5 mins to 5mins 30 secs from start to finish. 

Advantages of using GC Miracle Mix

  • It has improved retention and added strength
  • The coefficient thermal expansion is almost equal to dentin
  • It has dimensional stability for crown preparation 
  • It does not creep and flow after expansion
  • Fine silver alloy powder within glass ionomer with no odor, no taste, and no corrosive decalcification
  • Reduces secondary decays
  • Expands and shrinks like tooth structure
  • High fluoride release

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