Dental Set up Requirements For your Clinic:

If you are planning to set up your own dental clinic then you are in the right place for a complete dental clinic set up solution. Setting up a clinic requires a list of some vital equipment that you cannot afford to miss out. We try our best to give you all the information that we could collect from the dental experts. There are various equipment, products, and instruments for a brand new dental clinic.

It is better if you make a list of everything that you need before you start your equipment hunting and shopping for the necessary items. When you plan to set up a clinic you need everything from mere stationery items which may include the decor, furnishing items to the major equipment. It is always advisable to categorize your needs which would help you in accumulating things in a systematic manner so that you don’t miss out on anything. 

The list down here mentions merely everything that one needs to set up a clinic, you may strike off on few or add on according to your needs.

 Let’s start with the basic Diagnostic Instruments -

✦ Disposable mirror

✦ Disposable tweezer

✦ Disposable probe

✦ Mouth mirror

✦ Single Ended Probe 

✦ Double Ended Probe

✦ Tweezer

✦ Endo Locking Probe 

✦ Endo Excavator

✦ Endo Explorer 

✦ Endo Plugger

✦ Endo Spreader

✦ William Probe

✦ CPITN Probe

✦ Nabers Probe 

✦ Pocket Marker


When you think of opening a clinic you just cannot miss out on the hygiene part, here I would mention a few instruments that you might need to sterilize your equipment - 

✦ Hot Water Bath

✦ Needle Burner

✦ Glass Beads Sterilizer

✦ UV Chamber

Some Vital Instruments which you must tick (✓) before you run your clinic - 

Dental Chair


Motorised Suction

✦ LED Curing Light

✦ Scaler

Airotor Handpiece

✦ Airotor Cartridge

Micromotor Handpiece

✦ Eyewash Station

✦ Spray and Hand piecer cleaning lubricant

✦ Micromotor for Clinical Lab

✦ Air Motor

✦ Air Polisher 

✦ Autoclave

✦ Sterilized instruments Pouch Sealer

✦ Water Distiller

Ultrasonic Cleaner


“The must-haves” when you look forward to completing Dental Clinic Set up -  

Dental X-Ray Unit

✦ Portable X-Ray

✦X-Ray Developer Box

✦ X-Ray Viewer


✦ Intraoral Camera

✦ Monitor

✦ Magnifying Loupe


✦ Endo Motor

✦ Apex Locator

✦ Bleaching Locator 

✦ Laser 

✦ Amalgamator 

✦ Physio Dispenser

✦ Implant Motor

✦ Piezosurgery

✦ Stethoscope 

✦ Micro Torch

✦ Digital Blood Pressure Analyser

✦ Ortho Welder

✦ Pulp Tester

✦ GP Cutter

✦ Conscious Sedation Unit

✦ Gloves

✦ Mouth Masks

✦ Head Caps


Do not forget to double-check on this Surgery Instruments List - 

✦ Forcep Kit

✦ Pedo Forceps

✦ Austins Retractor

✦ Legan Back Retractor

✦ Bolly Calliper

✦ Boon’s Gauge

✦ Needle Holder

✦ Castroviejo Needle Holder

✦ Mathew Needle Holder

✦ Straight Scissors

✦ Curved Scissors 

✦ Gum Scissors

✦ Band Cutting Scissors

✦ Suture Cutting Scissors

✦ Angulated Scissors

✦ Castroviejo Scissors

✦ Double Curved Scissor

✦ End Bend Scissor

✦ Goldman Fox Scissor

✦ Mayo Scissor

✦ Crossbar Elevator

✦ Periosteal Elevator

✦ Root Tip Elevator Kit

✦ Root Elevator

✦ Elevator

✦ Luxators

✦ BP Handles

✦ BP Blades

✦ Bone Curette

✦ Bone Rounger

✦ Bone Files

✦ Cheatle Forceps

✦ Aspiration Syringe 

✦ Ligature Wire

✦ Bolly Calliper

✦ Suturing Needle

✦ Suture Picking Tweezer

✦ Skin Hook

✦ Artery Forceps

✦ Mosquito Forceps

✦ Sponge Forceps

✦ Tissue Forceps

✦ Allis Tissue Forceps

✦ Tissue Nippers

✦ Mouth Gag  Ferguson 

✦ Mouth Gag Heister

✦ Metallic Suction Tip

Instruments Required in every Dental Clinic -

✦ Amalgam Well

✦ Amalgam Carrier

✦ Amalgam Carver

✦ Tofflemire Retainer

✦ Tofflemire Band

✦ Burnisher

✦  Cement Spatula

✦  Interproximal Carver

✦  Dycal Instrument

✦  Condenser

✦  Composite Filling

✦  Saddle Contoured Matrices

✦  Bur Chuck

✦  Plastic Filling Instrument

✦  Spoon Excavator

✦  Matrix Band

✦  Matrix Retainer

Some other instruments may include -

✦  Implant Equipment

✦  Periodontal Curettes 

✦  API’s Clinic Set up Kit

Prosthodontic Instruments may include -

✦ Wax Knife

✦ Wax Spatula

✦ Wax Carving PKT

✦ Wax Caliper

✦ Spirit Lamp

✦ Crown Remover

✦ Impression Tray Dentulous 

✦ Impression Tray Edentulous

✦ Plaster Spatula 

✦ Plaster Knife

✦ Articulating Paper Forceps

✦ Rubber Dam Kit

Orthodontic Instruments for Dental Clinic Set up -

✦ 3 Prong Plier

✦ 3 Beak Plier

✦ Adams Plier

✦ Universal Plier

✦ Wire Cutter

✦  Erich Arch Bar

✦  Separator Placing Plier

Few Preventives that would be a must for Dental Clinic -

✦ Disclosing Solution

✦ Fluoride Tray - Double

✦ Thixo-Gel

✦ Floss and Floss Dispenser


If you are a Surgeon, do not forget to get these for your Dental Clinic -

✦ Biopsy Bottles

✦ Iodoform Gauge

✦ Local Anesthesia

✦ Dry Socket Paste

Setting up Dental Clinic is not a child’s play, you ought to have a keen eye on each and every criteria. These are some of the Endodontic Materials you would need -

✦ Cement


✦ GP Solvent

✦ Gutta-Percha Dispenser

✦ Silicon Endo Stops

✦ Files

✦ Burs

✦ Broaches

✦ Paper Points

✦ Monoject Syringes

✦ Gates Glidden Drills

✦ Cavit


Dental Accessories that a dentist needs to set up a Dental Client -

Sterilization Accessories may include -

✦ Instrument Cassettes

✦ Goggles

✦ Bib Clips

✦ Glass Beads

✦ Patient Drape

✦ Glass Dispenser

One may also add some Other Accessories as well -

✦ Basic Tray

✦ Scaler Tip Holder

✦ Composite Compule Gun


Diagnostic Accessories -

✦ Lead Apron 

✦ X-Ray Film Holder

✦ X-Ray Clips

✦ Kidney Tray (8inches)

✦ Kidney Tray (10inches)


Surgery Accessories - 

✦ Cotton Bin

✦ Cotton Holder

✦ Cotton Roll Dispenser

✦ Surgical Trolley

✦ Mouth Prop

✦ Pedo Cheek Retractor

✦ Adult Cheek Retractor

✦ Surgical Tray with cover

✦ Lip Retractor

Conservatory Accessories -

✦ Bur Holder

✦ Endo Box

✦ Glass Slab

✦ Dappen Dish

✦ Transparent Matrix Band

✦ Wooden Wedges

✦ Plastic Wedges

✦ Polishing Cup 

✦ Polishing Brush

✦ Endo Box

✦ Mini Endo Block

✦ Agate Spatula

✦ Composite Polishing Strips

✦ Composite Polishing Discs

✦ Composite Polishing Kit


✦ Blow Torch

✦ Fox Plane

✦ Denture Box

✦ Retraction Cord

✦ Rubber Bowl (Large & Small)

✦ VITA Shade Guide ( 3D / Classic)


Now that you have listed everything that you need in a dental clinic when you set it up for a new start, make it look more pro and advanced with a few other products. Find them listed below -


✦ Stools

✦ Noise-cancellation Headphones for patients

✦ Mouthwashes

✦ Sanitizers

✦ Anti-Skid Autoclavable Footwear

✦ Cabinets, Furniture, Decoratives and Partitioners


All done!

Yes, you are all done with your pre-dental-clinic setup list. Now that you have categorized things it’s easy for you to find out the products easily. 


Find the best dental products from which gives the complete dental clinic set up solution. Shop your products and sit back and relax until your clinic is all set up for you. VitalTicks could be your best friend into dentistry.

For future reference or queries feel free to drop us a mail or give us a call, our Customer Care Team would take care of all your queries.


Comment below if I left out anything, share it with your friends who are looking ahead to set up a dental clinic and thanks me later