Make the right choice with the right Dental Clinic Set-Up package for your Dental Clinic

Opening a Dental Clinic is like a dream project and a one-time investment for any dentist, so it is necessary that the products are handpicked and at the correct budget which suits you the best.

Setting a clinic is a big responsibility, as big as treating your patients best! Noting down the minor to the major things could be a big task and missing a single instrument could cost a lot. Setting up the clinic according to the specialization of the dentist will also need a lot of detail.

Choosing a perfect location for your clinic is the first and foremost part of setting up a clinic, rest would follow according to the budget. 

Like it depends on the budget which reliable brand one picks up, for example, it depends if the dentist chooses a dental chair worth rupees 1lakh or 10lakhs. Similarly, the RVGs, scalers, endomotors and all other equipment could be chosen from a similar perspective.

 However, making a digitally optimized clinic would be more impressive and helpful in serving the patients best. 

Taking in so many things at once could be a hectic thing for a dentist and would involve a lot of research. Now that we understand the time constraints that dentists go through, we have the best way out for you!

VitalTicks helps in grouping up all the tiny-winy things that one would need in their dental clinic for the best practice of dentists and how hassle-free their service can be. Choosing these packages could be easy and can avail you of a good discount. 

VitalTicks is the supermarket of all the dental necessities starting from instruments to dental requirements. Here is the list attached with all the necessary items for a dental clinic with the divided categories and grouped together in their best compliments.

Wishing you a happy read and VitalTicks is indeed a reliable try! Do give it a trial for any of your dental necessities or issues!


Check out the list here:

Let’s start with the basic Diagnostic Instruments

✦ Disposable mirror

✦ Disposable tweezer

✦ Disposable probe

✦ Mouth mirror

✦ Single Ended Probe 

✦ Double Ended Probe

✦ Tweezer

✦ Endo Locking Probe 

✦ Endo Excavator

✦ Endo Explorer 

✦ Endo Plugger

✦ Endo Spreader

✦ William Probe

✦ CPITN Probe

✦ Nabers Probe 

✦ Pocket Marker

 When you think of opening a clinic you just cannot miss out on the hygiene part, here I would mention a few instruments that you might need to sterilize your equipment - 

✦ Hot Water Bath

✦ Needle Burner

✦ Glass Beads Sterilizer

✦ UV Chamber


Some Vital Instruments which you must tick (✓) before you run your clinic

✦ Dental Chair

✦ Compressor

✦ Motorised Suction

✦ LED Curing Light

✦ Scaler

✦ Airotor Handpiece

✦ Airotor Cartridge

✦ Micromotor Handpiece

✦ Eyewash Station

✦ Spray and Hand piecer cleaning lubricant

✦ Micromotor for Clinical Lab

✦ Air Motor

✦ Air Polisher 

✦ Autoclave

✦ Sterilized instruments Pouch Sealer

✦ Water Distiller

✦ Ultrasonic Cleaner


“The must-haves” when you look forward to completing the Dental Clinic Set up -  

✦ Dental X-Ray Unit

✦ Portable X-Ray

✦X-Ray Developer Box

✦ X-Ray Viewer


✦ Intraoral Camera

✦ Monitor

✦ Magnifying Loupe


✦ Endo Motor

✦ Apex Locator

✦ Bleaching Locator 

✦ Laser 

✦ Amalgamator 

✦ Physio Dispenser

✦ Implant Motor

✦ Piezosurgery

✦ Stethoscope 

✦ Micro Torch

✦ Digital Blood Pressure Analyser

✦ Ortho Welder

✦ Pulp Tester

✦ GP Cutter

✦ Conscious Sedation Unit

✦ Gloves

✦ Mouth Masks

✦ Head Caps

Do not forget to double-check on this Surgery Instruments List

✦ Forcep Kit

✦ Pedo Forceps

✦ Austins Retractor

✦ Legan Back Retractor

✦ Bolly Calliper

✦ Boon’s Gauge

✦ Needle Holder

✦ Castroviejo Needle Holder

✦ Mathew Needle Holder

✦ Straight Scissors

✦ Curved Scissors 

✦ Gum Scissors

✦ Band Cutting Scissors

✦ Suture Cutting Scissors

✦ Angulated Scissors

✦ Castroviejo Scissors

✦ Double Curved Scissor

✦ End Bend Scissor

✦ Goldman Fox Scissor

✦ Mayo Scissor

✦ Crossbar Elevator

✦ Periosteal Elevator

✦ Root Tip Elevator Kit

✦ Root Elevator

✦ Elevator

✦ Luxators

✦ BP Handles

✦ BP Blades

✦ Bone Curette

✦ Bone Rounger

✦ Bone Files

✦ Cheatle Forceps

✦ Aspiration Syringe 

✦ Ligature Wire

✦ Bolly Calliper

✦ Suturing Needle

✦ Suture Picking Tweezer

✦ Skin Hook

✦ Artery Forceps

✦ Mosquito Forceps

✦ Sponge Forceps

✦ Tissue Forceps

✦ Allis Tissue Forceps

✦ Tissue Nippers

✦ Mouth Gag  Ferguson 

✦ Mouth Gag Heister

✦ Metallic Suction Tip

Instruments Required in every Dental Clinic -

✦ Amalgam Well

✦ Amalgam Carrier

✦ Amalgam Carver

✦ Tofflemire Retainer

✦ Tofflemire Band

✦ Burnisher

✦  Cement Spatula

✦  Interproximal Carver

✦  Dycal Instrument

✦  Condenser

✦  Composite Filling

✦  Saddle Contoured Matrices

✦  Bur Chuck

✦  Plastic Filling Instrument

✦  Spoon Excavator

✦  Matrix Band

✦  Matrix RetainerSome other instruments may include -

✦  Implant Equipment

✦  Periodontal Curettes 

✦  API’s Clinic Set up Kit

Prosthodontic Instruments may include -

✦ Wax Knife

✦ Wax Spatula

✦ Wax Carving PKT

✦ Wax Caliper

✦ Spirit Lamp

✦ Crown Remover

✦ Impression Tray Dentulous 

✦ Impression Tray Edentulous

✦ Plaster Spatula 

✦ Plaster Knife

✦ Articulating Paper Forceps

✦ Rubber Dam Kit

 Orthodontic Instruments for Dental Clinic Set up -

✦ 3 Prong Plier

✦ 3 Beak Plier

✦ Adams Plier

✦ Universal Plier

✦ Wire Cutter

✦  Erich Arch Bar

✦  Separator Placing PlierFew Preventives that would be a must for Dental Clinic -

✦ Disclosing Solution

✦ Fluoride Tray - Double

✦ Thixo-Gel

✦ Floss and Floss DispenserIf you are a Surgeon, do not forget to get these for your Dental Clinic -

✦ Biopsy Bottles

✦ Iodoform Gauge

✦ Local Anesthesia

✦ Dry Socket Paste

Setting up Dental Clinic is not a child’s play, you ought to have a keen eye on each and every criteria. These are some of the Endodontic Materials you would need -

✦ Cement


✦ GP Solvent

✦ Gutta-Percha Dispenser

✦ Silicon Endo Stops

✦ Files

✦ Burs

✦ Broaches

✦ Paper Points

✦ Monoject Syringes

✦ Gates Glidden Drills

✦ Cavit

Dental Accessories that a dentist needs to set up a Dental Client -

 Sterilization Accessories may include -

✦ Instrument Cassettes

✦ Goggles

✦ Bib Clips

✦ Glass Beads

✦ Patient Drape

✦ Glass Dispenser

One may also add some Other Accessories as well -

✦ Basic Tray

✦ Scaler Tip Holder

✦ Composite Compule Gun

Diagnostic Accessories -

✦ Lead Apron 

✦ X-Ray Film Holder

✦ X-Ray Clips

✦ Kidney Tray (8inches)

✦ Kidney Tray (10inches)

 Surgery Accessories - 

✦ Cotton Bin

✦ Cotton Holder

✦ Cotton Roll Dispenser

✦ Surgical Trolley

✦ Mouth Prop

✦ Pedo Cheek Retractor

✦ Adult Cheek Retractor

✦ Surgical Tray with cover

✦ Lip Retractor

Conservatory Accessories -

✦ Bur Holder

✦ Endo Box

✦ Glass Slab

✦ Dappen Dish

✦ Transparent Matrix Band

✦ Wooden Wedges

✦ Plastic Wedges

✦ Polishing Cup 

✦ Polishing Brush

✦ Endo Box

✦ Mini Endo Block

✦ Agate Spatula

✦ Composite Polishing Strips

✦ Composite Polishing Discs

✦ Composite Polishing Kit

Prosthodontic Accessories -

✦ Blow Torch

✦ Fox Plane

✦ Denture Box

✦ Retraction Cord

✦ Rubber Bowl (Large & Small)

✦ VITA Shade Guide ( 3D / Classic)

 Now that you have listed everything that you need in a dental clinic when you set it up for a new start, make it look more pro and advanced with a few other products. Find them listed below -

 ✦ Stools

✦ Noise-cancellation Headphones for patients

✦ Mouthwashes

✦ Sanitizers

✦ Anti-Skid Autoclavable Footwear

✦ Cabinets, Furniture, Decoratives and Partitioners

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