Dental Clinic Setup Requirements in India

A Dental Clinic. Lots of things to take care of! 


Starting from Bank loan - Clinic Registration - Equipment - Chairs - Interior and much more…


Grab a cup of coffee and chill... VitalTicks will take care of everything!


Yes! You read it right :) 


When it’s about your clinic we make it and give it to you all set! No worries just relax and enjoy the making of your dream clinic come true with us 


Okay. Let’s start….


  1. Bank Loan
  2. Interior Design
  3. Clinical Plumbing & Electrification with Dental Professionals
  4. Dental Clinic Registrations
  5. Dental Chairs
  6. Dental Materials and Instruments
  7. Clinical Certifications 
  8. Clinic and Patient Management Software
  9. Digital Marketing Service.


Let’s start with the typical and most annoying Bank Loans and paper works! In this busy schedule, it becomes hectic to run around the bank for loans and paper works. So we do it for you!


Bank loans are one of the most important things in the entire process yet the boring one. 

Yes, we feel your pain. 


Don’t worry VitalTicks have tie-ups with many banks that could serve the best in making your clinic. Starting from document verification to the processing of the documents until we get the approval for the clinic, we handle it with ease just for you. We pay a keen eye to the requirement of our customers and go ahead with the necessary.


Once we receive the approval for you from the bank we go ahead with the Registration of the clinic. We start it from KPME (Karnataka Private Medical Establishment) and move ahead with Municipal Registration and get it approved for you with clean and transparent methods. We do not take up any hidden or illegal practices. So, we give it to you with all safeguards and security.   


Now when all the legal things are sorted under proper care and procedure, let’s start setting up your DREAM PROJECT, YOUR CLINIC.


When it’s about your clinic the interior has to be of your choice and convenience!  


Interior is something that plays a vital role in soothing and comforting your patients as well as you, of course! You just have to give us space and we take up the necessary. It’s like your choice and our work that would turn out to an amazing clinic. 


VitalTicks would do everything that is necessary for your clinic, starting from partition to the wood-work to false-ceiling. Be it color or theme that you want to keep in your clinic we take care of everything.


From Clinical Plumbing & Electrification we take up the necessary with concern to the Dentist’s requirement. We have our dental professionals who could suggest to us the necessary changes and fixations that a dentist would need in the clinic. With us, it’s all at the reach of your hand and all set.


Once we are done with the interior of the clinic, let’s move to the most vital part of the clinic, i.e a Dental Chair


Yes, the dental chair would play the most vital part as it is necessary for both the dentist and the patient. 


Don’t worry! VitalTicks has everything that is vital for you! ;)


VitalTicks’s Dental Chair could make you go head over heels with its specification and wonderful work. We are the manufacturer of the dental chairs and we have taken up numerous trials for the perfection that we have acquired. 


To make it easy for you, we could get your chair into your mobile!!


Yes, you read it correctly. In your mobile, you have your dental chair with just a tap!


Dental Chairs by VitalTicks have a Smart Box installed in it which connects to your mobile and you can adjust the chair on your fingertips. 


Now you are all set with a comfy, hassle-free dental chair. 



Let’s now move to the basics of your clinic, basic Equipment, Materials, and Instruments


When you have VitalTicks with you, you don’t have to hover around!

We have everything in one place just log-in and here you are in the Dental Equipment and Instruments Supermarket on your phone. 


Sounds great, right? Don’t worry it works great too!


Log-in to and shop the necessary instruments and materials for your clinic at the most affordable prices!


When you are done with the shopping of the materials we can go ahead with the Certification of Equipment


There are a few types of equipment that would need certification to use it in the clinic, such as X-Ray, OPG, etc. We would carry the necessary steps to get the certification done for the equipment.


Congratulations! For your new Clinic Doctor :)


When you have the cake in front of you, VitalTicks would love to add a cherry on the top :)


Clinic & Patient Management could be the most tiring thing that every doctor goes through. But we have a Saas-Based software that helps you out with managing your patient’s report and also gives you a reminder for all the appointments. So there’s no appointment that you are missing out! It also enables a clean table with all the reports of your patients cleanly and neatly fed in the software. 


Now that you are all set with a digitized Clinic, let’s get visible online and let your patients reach you as easily as possible. 


VitalTicks could help you with the Digital Marketing part as well. 


Patients these days hover on the internet much more than anywhere else! 


Digital India you know!


It is very important that you are visible in the search engines that could help people reach you with just taps and get appointments with you. We make sure we built-in the easiest route between you and your patients!


And you are all set! 


I hope VitalTicks has all ticks on your checklist :)


Enjoy the Digitized Dentistry and thank us later ;)