Common mistakes you should avoid while you set-up a dental clinic

Setting up a dental clinic needs a lot of attention like the speciality of the clinic, investments to make and to promote your dental clinic. 

When it comes to opening a dental clinic, the dentists imagine a super-sassy and fashionable interior which gives a fantastic look to the clinic, but here is where you need to stop.

When you are planning for a dental clinic, the most important parts are the equipment, instruments and the accessories required to carry out the most common dental procedures. Before investing money on the interior, it is essential to calculate the payment required to buy the pieces of equipment. 

Dental Chairs, RVG & X-ray, sterilizing equipment are some of the equipment necessary for the dental clinic and also are on the higher side when it comes to prices. 

Point 1 Make sure you have expertise on the basic Dental Procedures

While you open a dental clinic, make sure you know the basic procedures of dental treatment like Root Canal Treatment, Extraction, Crown preparation and the Restorative methods. 

If not then practise as much as possible by the time your clinic gets set. 

Point 2 Do not invest everything on interiors

You would definitely wish to set up a modern-looking clinic but hold on. The dental clinic has various other things that might need your attention and investment. So initially it is advised to build a dental clinic with the normal or average interior. 

Point 3 Spend on modern equipment

Technically sound clinic is more necessary than a sassy interior. Make sure you buy an excellent dental chair, light cure units, RVGs, X-Rays and other must-haves for the clinic.

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Point 4 Always remember you need money post clinic set-up

Setting up a dental clinic is not the last point, to get the regular flow of patients to your dental clinic and to get going you need a sound financial back-up to pay the rent, electricity bill and to buy the products for the usual dental procedures. 

Point 5 Do not forget to get your insurance 

Your clinic has some expensive instruments and equipment, it is necessary to safeguard them with proper insurance of the devices. Do not wait till they start troubling you with the improper diagnosis. 

Point 6 Promote your dental clinic

Only opening a dental clinic won’t fetch you patients, you have to promote your clinic. Digital marketing can help you in reaching out to patients up to 10kms around the clinic. Reach out for proper marketing of your clinic and your speciality. Let your patient know why they want you and how you can help them. 

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Point 7 Do not experiment on your patients

In case you come across a patient with an unknown problem, do not experiment on them. Call up your fellow dentist for suggestion or consultation but never try on your patient and reach to a treatment. The treatment could also go otherwise hampering you and your clinic as well as your patient.

Point 8 Do not let your patients bargain with you

Dental treatments are costly. In case a patient comes over and tries to bargain on a procedure do not let that happen to you. A few patients might go, but patients who know the value of the proper treatment will come back. 

Note: This does not mean you charge excess than the market price; you might go in the loss as well. 

Point 9 Keep yourself updated

The world is evolving, so does the treatment. Keep yourself updated with the latest technologies and procedures/treatments which might help you in easy diagnosis or treatment for your patients. Attend workshops that can enhance your skills. 

Point 10 Keep going

There is never an end to diseases, so you need to keep updating yourself and your clinic with the latest thing. Do not let your patients down or do not ask them to go back because the dentist is unavailable. Always have a definite answer to your patients. 


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