1. Dentsply-GP & PP: Things you need to know

    Dentsply GP & PP: Things you need to know:

    Dentsply Gutta-Percha Points are made up of the latex from the Malaysian trees which resemble rubber but has more resin in it. It contains 20% of gutta-percha matrix, 11% of radiopacifier, 3% of waxes and 66% of zinc oxide. The GP points are used to fill canals, following shape and cleaning during root canal treatments. These GP points are heated and then compressed into the canals. Dentsply GP points come in various sizes to fit the different sizes of the canal. GP points are most extensively used for filling root canals for years.


    Dentsply GP points are biocompatible, high in dimensional

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  2. Highlights on Dentsply ProTaper GOLD

    Highlights on Dentsply ProTaper GOLD

    Dentsply ProTaper Gold system has the same features as that of other ProTaper universal series but a few of advancements are added to Dentsply ProTaper Gold files which makes them stand out of the box. The added betterment of metallurgy enhances heat treatment technology. The flexibility, improved cross-section and non-cutting tip design add more to the files.


    ProTaper and its Advantages:

    The advanced metallurgy for greater flexibility sets a new standard in performance for the ProTaper Gold. The advancement is clearly seen and felt with the files. Though the geometry is as same as other ProTaper,

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  3. Know more about Dentsply Intermediate Restorative Material (IRM)

    Know more about Dentsply Intermediate Restorative Material (IRM)


    Dentsply IMR is Intermediate Restorative Material used for intermediate restorations intended to remain in its place for a year's time span. IMR is Zinc oxide-eugenol cement of a low-strength base used as a temporary cement filling. The powder of IMR is zinc oxide and the liquid is mainly eugenol with olive oil as a plasticizer. The eugenol and the zinc oxide gives the material a sedative-like quality over the hyper-sensitive tooth pulp and forms a good base under

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  4. Benefits of GC Gold Label Light Cured Universal Restorative 2



    GC Gold Label 2 is the radiopaque glass ionomer restorative cement used for dental and orthodontic applications. These are generally used for temporary restoration of tooth, cavity linings to provide pulpal protection, sedation or insulation and cementing fixed prosthodontic appliances.


    Gold Label 2 comes in two varieties - Gold Label Light Cured Universal Restorative and Gold Label Universal Restorative


    Features of GC Gold Label Light Cured Universal Restorative 2 -

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  5. Tips | Tricks for Elusive MB2 Canal

    Tips | Tricks for Elusive MB2 Canal


    Mesiobuccal Canal is treated as one of the fourth canals in maxillary morals. MB2 is usually missed out of the anatomies during endodontic treatment. MB2 canal is accepted as a norm rather than an exception during endodontic treatment. The difficulties of filling, shaping and negotiating and identification of the MB2 lead to most of the endodontic failures.


    MB2 is generally hidden under the dentine, it has a narrower diameter as compared to other canals. 


    MB2 can be located in the following ways:

    • Digital Radiography
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  6. Benefits of GC Gold Label 1

    GC Gold Label 1

    is designed for the final cementation of crown and bridge restorations. It has been formulated to provide enhanced physical properties. 

    Benefits of GC Gold Label 1 -

    • No surface preparation or bonding agent required, yet with exceptional retention characteristics
    • Biocompatible and with a tooth-like coefficient of thermal expansion  
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  7. GC Flexceed Vinyl Polysiloxane Impression Material

    GC Flexceed Vinyl Polysiloxane Impression Material also known as putty used as impression material for accurate impressions. GC Flexceed replicates the tooth structure accurately and in detail for the crowns and bridges restoration. 


    GC Flexceed putty has the lowest contact angle, it displaces the moisture and flows into the subgingival areas rather than flowing away to mucosal surfaces, hence increasing the efficiency of detailed impressions.


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  8. Luting and Lining Ionomers - GC Gold Label 9 Posterior Restorative

    Luting and lining ionomers are used to seal the gap between the tooth and the restorative. 


    The main purpose of the luting agent is to cast restoration in fixed prosthodontics and to keep and to keep the prosthodontic bands in place. These cements create a molecular bonding with the tooth without any additional conditioner. It gives good strength, releases fluoride and low solubility with or acid erosion of the margins in an easy to use non-technique sensitive procedure.


    GC Gold Label 9

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  9. Types of Dental Handpieces

    Dental HandPieces :

    Dental HandPieces are the high-speed tools used to drill or carry out various dental procedures such as treating tooth decay or tooth cleaning. It is also used to shape the tooth before the insertion of a filling or a crown.



    Types of HandPieces:

    HandPieces are of two types based on their speed, i.e High-Speed HandPieces, and Low-Speed Handpieces

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  10. Dental Clinic Setup Requirements in India

    Dental Clinic Setup Requirements in India

    A Dental Clinic. Lots of things to take care of! 


    Starting from Bank loan - Clinic Registration - Equipment - Chairs - Interior and much more…


    Grab a cup of coffee and chill...

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