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  1. HyFlex Rotary Files| Properties | Features |Pros

    HyFlex Rotary Files| Properties | Features |Pros


    Endo HyFlex Files have the best-combined properties of the file system innovation of dentistry that is the Rotary and the material it is made up of. Hyflex Files have the composition of Nickel and Titanium.


    Hyflex Rotary Files works on the property of thermo-mechanical treatment. It retains its shape after bending. It has good superior canal tracking ability. It regains its shape after sterilization. These files are used to enlarge the canal to prepare it for irrigation and obturation in continuous rotation motion or if required in reciprocal motion as well. The files are available in different sizes depending on the tip

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  2. Endo H Files and its features in one glance

    Endo H Files and its features in one glance!

    Hedstrom Files were designated by Buchanan and was introduced by Kerr Manufacturing in 1993. It is now being marketed in as ISO 15 to 40. 


    The modified tip of H Files and the non-cutting sides has turned them to be successful. The non-cutting smooth edges prevent ledging in the curved canal. The file has to be directed according to the curvature of the canal. H Files ensures safety with enhanced efficiency for filing or reaming. These files are specially designed for retreatment

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  3. Flex R Endodontic File

    Flex R Endodontic File



    The invention of Flex R File was back then when Powell noticed that the straight stainless steel tips of the files could only increase the tendency of the transport or ledge and eventually to perforate curved canals at the outer wall which is a convex curvature of the canal. It was then when Powell pointed out that the reduction of tip angle could help the file to focus on the original canal and could cut the edges or the sides evenly. This modification of the tip brought in the Flex R File.    


    The tip was modified and

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  4. The journey of K File Series

    The journey of K File Series

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  5. Know more about Endo files

    Know More about endodontics files

    Know More About Endodontic Files 

     Types of Endo files:-

    There are 3 types of file systems such as: 


    • Flex R File
    • Safety H Files
    • Rotary File System 

    Flex R File -

    Flex R Files

    The invention of Flex R File was back then when Powell noticed that the straight stainless steel tips of the files could only increase the tendency

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  6. The List Of Equipment and materials required for Dental Clinic Set-Up


    Looking for a Dental Clinic Set-up? Connect Dots With VitalTicks:

    Setting up a clinic requires a list of some vital equipment that VitalTicks has already listed for you and that you cannot afford to miss out. We try our best to give you all the information that we could collect from the dental experts. There are various equipment, products and instruments for a brand new dental clinic.

    VitalTicks could help you with a  list of everything that you would probably need before you start your equipment hunting and shopping for the necessary items. When you plan to set up a clinic you need everything from mere stationery items which may include the decor, furnishing items

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  7. Clinical Setup By Vitalticks

    Clinical Setup Done By Vitalticks

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  8. Know The History Of Dental Chairs

    Dental Chairs are Essential Equipment for Dental Clinics

    . The first and Most Important things that your patients will notice at your clinic are Dental Chair, it is probably placed in the center of the operatory, It is essential and Costliest investment in your Dental Clinic. Two things will play major in your dental practice one is dental Chair, Another is of course, that’s you

    . The Level of importance given to dental chair which Occupy Significant place in dental practice can not be replaced by any other equipment physically and psychologically. Though its symbol of pain and torture which your patients think! As they seen in Mr Bean movie, the new and advanced development  in Dental chairs technology ensured that patients and Dentist can Feel Comfort as y

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