Biolase Surgical Tip (E2-200um, E3-300um, E4-400um)

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  • Laser energy must be focused at the end of the laser tips for localised soft tissue removal. This requires depositing the absorptive material at the end of the tip called tip initiation. After Tip initiation the Laser energy absorbs in this material allowing ineffective soft tissue removal. Thus, laser tips and their selection play a very important role in the treatment of Soft Tissue Laser clinical cases.
More Information
Model Name/Number E2 - 200UM
Function Type Surgical Tip
Suitable For Incision, Excision, Vaporization, Ablation, and Coagulation
Fiber Tips Diameter 200 um

Technical Specifications:

 Surgical Tips: E4-4mm,7mm, 9mm

Perio Tips: E3-4mm,7mm, 9mm

Endo Tips: E2- 14mm.

  • Biolase Laser Tips are autoclavable and single-use tips. It is available in various diameters and lengths to perform multiple treatments with Dental Laser.
  • These laser tips are color-coded that allows the user to quickly identify tips. Like white tips for Surgical with a diameter of 400 microns, the blue color tips for Perio comes with a diameter of 300 micron and Yellow color for Endo with 200 microns.
  • For the operator's ease and successful laser surgery, the Laser tips also come in different variants of length like 4mm, 7mm,9mm,14mm.

1 - Biolase Surgical Tip