Ivoclar Astropol P Refill 6 (Small Flame)

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  • The Astropol polishing system is especially designed for the finishing, polishing and high-gloss polishing of composite and ceromer materials.
  • Astropol is a comprehensive finishing and polishing set that embraces three grit sizes and four differently shaped polishers for interdental and occlusal applications:
  • Small Flame.
  • Large Flame.
  • Cup.
  • Disc.
More Information
  • For finishing, polishing & high gloss polishing.
  • For composites and ceromer materials.
  • Three grit sizes and four differently shaped polishers.
  • For interdental and occlusal applications.
  • Astropol F (finish)is suited for the removal of excess material and pre-polishing applications.
  • Astropol P (polish)is designed for the polishing of restorations. Astropol P ensures a smooth surface finish and helps achieve first-class results particularly in conjunction with micro-filled composite materials (Heliomolar, Heliomolar Flow, Heliomolar HB).
  • Astropol HP (high-gloss polish)is suitable for high-end results exhibiting very smooth, highly lustrous surfaces. These polishers are particularly recommended for hybrid composites (Tetric, Tetric EvoCeram, Tetric EvoFlow, Tetric Ceram HB).
  • Astropol P Refill 6 (Small Flame)557614