Anabond Endoprep-Rc

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Anabond Endoprep-Rc

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Root Canal Conditioner (EDTA 15% + Carbamide Peroxide 10%)

STEP 1: After access cavity preparation remove the pulp and flush canal with sodium hypochlorite solution.

STEP 2: Dispense Anabond Endoprep-Rc either directly from the unit dose applicator to a dappen dish and carry to the canal by coating a small hand file or from the syringe with the Anabond Endoprep-Rc syringe tip in and around the canal orifice.

STEP 3: The sodium hypochlorite will react with the Anabond Endoprep-Rc and begin to effervesce or bubble.


STEP 4: Using a small hand file, mix the Anabond Endoprep-Rc and sodium hypochlorite in the canal.

STEP 5: Gently irrigate and evacuate with sodium hypochlorite.

STEP 6: Coat the first file in the rotary file technique with Anabond Endoprep-Rc and use to desired depth. Anabond Endoprep-Rc will now act as a file lubricant while instrumenting the canal with a rotary instrument.

STEP 7: Repeat step 6 for each step in the crown-down technique sequence until canal shaping and cleaning is completed.

NOTE: Irrigate and evacuate using sodium hypochlorite to remove Anabond Endoprep-Rc mixture and dentinal debris from canal after every 2 files in the rotary file sequence.

STEP 8: Once shaping is completed, thoroughly flush and evacuate canal using H2O to remove all irrigants. Dry canal and obturate.

  • Lubrication the canal for easy instrumenting
  • Removal of calcifications
  • Flushing out debris and removes smear layer from canal walls
For Chemo-mechanical preperation of Root Canals
2 syringes X 3.6g (5 ml) + 5 applicator tips